KIL Products is pleased to introduce the KIL System (Keyless Ignition Lock) for Industrial Equipment.

This is our first universal, plug and play system that can be used on anything with a 12 volt ignition system.

The KIL System uses a push button ultra secure four digit pin code that completely does away with the need for keys.

Insert the correct code in the correct order and all your accessories are turned on. (Like turning your key to the “on” position)

Selecting the illuminated pushbutton switch will engage the starter and start the vehicle.

Selecting the # key on the keypad will shut the vehicle off. (Like turning your key to the “off” position)

There are 10 (ten) digits on the keypad. Four randomly selected digits will be “code” buttons. The six remaining digits will be “reset” buttons.

If someone tried to pick your code and they hit a “reset” button the code starts over.

There is virtually no way to pick the KIL System.

There is no need to remove your existing key switch. The KIL System will work in conjunction with your existing key switch. You can use either one!

Each KIL system will come complete with a serial number and a preset code only you will know. If you forget your code, email us with your serial number and we will supply your code.

We warranty all parts on our KIL System for one year with full tech support.

The 12 volt system is ready now.

The 24 volt system is being tested and will be ready soon.

The KIL System is $275.00 each and $225.00 each for 10 or more kits. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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